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Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick

Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick
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What are Crystal Fresh Natural Body Deodorants?

They are an effective natural deodorant shaped from crystallised salts. They have no wetness, stickiness or fragrance. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and contain no propellants, cover up fragrances, alcohol etc and they have not been tested on animals. And they work.

Where do Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorants come from?

The stones come from Thailand and have been used for 100’s of years in the Far and Middle East as a natural deodorant. The only difference is that they are now shaped to make them easier to use.

How do Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorants work?

When applied, Crystal Spring leaves a minute film of crystallised salts on the surface of the skin. It does not clog the pores, so perspiration continues (which is a good thing – it’s one of nature’s ways of eliminating waste products), but the salts have the very special property of inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

What are Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant made of?

The deodorant stones are made from Bauxite or Rock Alum which is naturally found in the ground. This is processed without the use of chemicals and shaped into a convenient stick and put into a plastic container. The new pump spray version is diluted crystal in purified water with no added chemicals or perfumes.

How do I use Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorants?

Just wet the crystal and apply liberally each day to the underarms and areas of your body which perspire the most. Or with our new pump spray version, just spray under the arms.

How long will Crystal Spring Natural Deodorants last?

The spray will last up to a month, depending on use. The Crystal deodorant stone will last for months and has been known to last for years, depending on care and use.

Why are Crystal Deodorants good for people who have or had cancer?

Last year a scientific report saying that a specific chemical ‘parabens’ – present in some anti-perspirants were found in women suffering from breast cancer. Also aluminium chlorhydrate, which is found in many anti perspirants and deodorants is used to clog pores, this aluminium has been found to be absorbed into the body, and may be related to breast cancer and alzhiemers. The Amonium alum, which is the ingredient in the crystal deodorant has a molecule which is too large to pass into human skin and therefore cannot be absorbed.

The difference between aluminium & alum

Deodorant stones are made of Alum. The chemical formula is AlSO4 or Aluminium Sulphate. There is no Aluminium in Alum, but its chemical formula is Aluminium Sulphate. It takes over 30 steps in 3 different processes to obtain Aluminium. Both Alum and Aluminium come from Bauxite Ore. Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is added to separate many minerals from Bauxite. Alum is easily separated from the other elements in Bauxite, but Aluminium is not. As mentioned before, there are some 30 steps required to obtain Aluminium. In order to see the entire picture, one must understand that aluminium is present is a variety of forms, ranging from pure solid aluminium to soluble and insoluble aluminium salts. The critical fact is that only certain types of aluminium compounds are harmful to humans. For example, if one were to swallow a pellet of pure solid aluminium, it would pass through the digestive tract and emerge from the body unchanged. In that situation, no absorption of aluminium would occur, and no harm to the individual would result. The question then arises as to which forms of aluminium may be toxic and which forms of aluminium may be harmless. An extensive review of the literature indicates that the difference relies upon the solubility of the aluminium compounds in body fluids. If an aluminium compound, such as aluminium chlorohydrate, which is very soluble, is used as an anti-perspirant, that compound is readily absorbed. Once in the body, the aluminium portion of the molecule ionises, forming free or radical aluminium (Al + + +). This ion passes freely across cell membranes, and is selectively absorbed in the liver, kidneys, brain, cartilage and bone marrow, creating the potential in any of these organ systems.

Press Coverage

 Every time I travel I manage to forget something I really need.....
...It was a boiling hot day when half of grooviest London descended on the tiny village.  Organising myself in the hotel, I found that my deodorant had managed to slip through the net - easy to replace except that I have finally found a natural deodorant that actually works called Crystal Spring.  A stick of pure ammonium alum salt, it is as effective as an hard-core chemical equivalent.  Hoping to find a chemist I strolled down the high street and -lo!-nestled between two pubs was a health food shop and sitting on a shelf was my own beloved Crystal Spring in a handy travel size.  Grand.  
Bella Freud  "Bella on beauty" The Sunday Telegraph: Stella magazine
Tried & Tested:  The closer panel give there verdict on Natural Deodorants
Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant . 4/5 
"This works like a stick deodorant, but you wet it first.  It was sticky, but once it dried I felt fresh all day."
Botanicals Manuka & Bergamot Natural Deodorant 3/5
Lush Kryztal Deodorant Block3/5
CLOSER Magazine: 7-13 October '06  pg 83
Recent cancer scares linked with chemicals in anti-perspirants have seen a huge rise in the sale of natural deodorants. 
Hampshire importer Crystal Spring has had to fly cargoes of deodorant in from Thailand and use larger warehouse facilities to keep up with the demand.
Sales have doubled in the last year.  This follows a scientific report saying that a specific chemical ‘parabens’ – present in some anti-perspirants was found in women suffering from breast cancer…….
Wessex Cancer Trust “Summer Newsletter 2005”
Many years ago, a famous doctor warned me of the dangers of anti-perspirant. In fact, he advised non-use of deodorant. Water he said is better for you. I heeded his advice, but it is difficult sometimes to rush into the bathroom and have a quick wash. Finally, the all-natural deodorant has come along, consisting of lumps of pure crystalline alum-an abundant compound. Wet the crystal with water and roll on. It masks body odour by leaving an invisible layer of mineral salts and allows the body to perspire naturally.
London Hotel Magazine
Crystal Spring Natural Body Deodorant Testimonials

Dear Crystal Spring, I doubt that you need any more testimonials for your amazing Deodorant Stick, but i have been so delighted with a product that lives upto its claims, i felt i should write about it. I thought i would put the product to the test and have travelled to africa and the Near East experienceing temperatures up to 40 degrees C in the last year with no trace of BO. Both my wife and I lead very active lives and we now would use nothing else. My worry is that as the stick last so long (in my case 12 months with probably two months to go) that it is not commercially viable! I have just ordered tow more units for us both for the next 12-14 months. Well done! Chris Marshall Devon

Thanks again. I just ordered 2. Good to find non-animal tested products which are not harmful to ppl. I admire companies like yours! Thanks Lara


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