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Urine Analysis - Tell Me What Is Wrong With Me.

Urine Analysis - Tell Me What Is Wrong With Me.
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The first step in dealing with you health problems is knowing the root causes of the condition leading to the symptoms you are experiencing.  If we donít know the cause of the illness how can we know how to cure it?  Any treatment provided without knowing the cause is merely guess work and at best wonít be of any benefit to you and at worse could make your condition worse.

Thatís why at Bios NatureCure Clinic we aim to find the root cause and then build treatment on that basis.  This leads to efficient, effective treatment without unwanted side-effects.

The main tool we use for diagnosis is a special urine analysis. The Biochemical Analysis of each sample will reveal parameters such as colour, urea and uric acid, glucose, sodium, potassium, hydrogen ion concentration, (OH) groups, chloride ions, microbes, protein, tri-phosphates, cholesterol, kidney stones, red blood cells and other sedimentation.  All these results will be translated into accurate diagnoses of your conditions.

All the above information can be obtained from the first urine passed in the morning before taking food or drink as this gives an eight hour body representative discharge.

You do not need to give us any details of your symptoms or conditions in advance of the urine analysis.

Many people wishing to benefit from our services are unable to attend clinic in person for various reasons such as location, distance, mobility etc. and over many years of practice we have developed an excellent mailorder system to deliver our services efficiently and consistently to patients all over the world

If you wish to benefit from our mailorder diagnostic and treatment services, you can submit your urine sample by post for analysis and make your payment online by credit card.

Once we have received both the sample and the payment you will be contacted immediately to arrange for a telephone consultation with Dr Adele who will explain the results of the analysis and his recommendations.  The analysis usually takes no more than two weeks from receipt of sample.

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