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Detox kit

Detox kit
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Lose Weight & Feel Great with this Clinically Tried & Tested 10 Day Plan

  • Are you tired? lethargic? overweight?
  • Is your skin dull?
  • Is your hair lifeless?
  • Do you want to lose weight fast?
  • Going on holiday or to a special occasion and need to look your best?

    If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then you need Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan.

Q.     What's special about Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan?

A.    This Program has been developed, researched and perfected under clinical conditions for over 20 years!

Dos Adele at the Bios NatureCure Clinic & Research & Development (BNC) has designed and perfected the ultimate body-mind-environment Diet Plan to achieve a safe, natural weight loss in a short time.  Originally designed to detoxify the system of impurities and pollutants which keep us low in energy and are the major cause of all of societies illnesses, the Diet Plan was found to produce a rapid weight loss whilst at the same time cleansing the internal organs and bringing the body back to a balanced state.

You will lose an average of 7lbs* in ten days!

Q.     How Does it Work?

A.     This Unique Formula works synergistically!

The micro-molecules contained in the ELDERFLOWER FORMULA, a herbal formulation unique to Dos Adele’s BNC Diet Plan, work synergistically in a differential manner to maintain the status quo of the system. Consequently you experience weight control, an increase in energy levels, restoration of an efficient digestive system, elimination of water retention, clarity of complexion, greater mobility and agility. The mind becomes clearer and more positive leading to a remarkable overall feeling of well-being.

ELDERFLOWER FORMULA is a mixture of pure, non-addictive herbs, vitamins and minerals made to the formula which your body can assimilate and combined in a vegeatable capsule.

Q.     Will I be able to eat or is it another starvation diet?

A.     Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan is not a starvation diet. Neither is it a calorie counting exercise.  The plan states what to eat and when but the amounts you eat are up to you. All the foods and drinks that make up the diet plan are readily available and are included for their nutritional, synergistic and bio-chemical effect on the body.  

Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan is scientifically formulated to stimulate the metabolism and to stimulate the body to rid itself of excess.

Q.     Why Detoxify?

A.     We are all saturated with environmental toxins!

Whatever your conditions, be they skin problems, digestive disorders including IBS, colitis, and bowel dysfunction, weight control, hormonal problems, PMS, menopause, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, M.E., or any other illness, the onset of most diseases is underlined by a progressive accumulation of toxins in the system.  Toxins are unwanted impurities whose abnormal levels in the system, prove too difficult for your eliminatory organs to cope with. 

These toxins, you accumulate, are by ways of harmful chemicals in foodstuffs, drinks, and the environment you live in and detoxification by diet alone, is not effective; neither are those principles that come by the names like ‘colon cleaners’.  These remedies tend to target individual organs as though your body is in separate parts, with each part working independently.

But your system is a combination of all these parts (brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, colon, etc.) working together as a unified body relative to your environment -  like a chain of a bicycle made up of a series of links.  Break one link and you end up with a bike that ceases to function. 

Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan is designed to rid the whole organ system of toxins.  A conduit of blood vessels and the blood flowing in them integrates all the organs forming the system.  Hence the ELDERFLOWER FORMULA is able to infiltrate all these organs and eliminate most of their impurities.  These impurities are then carried out of the body by its natural elimination processes.

Looking Good AND Feeling Great!

With Dos Adele's BNC Diet Plan you get two great benefits rolled into one.  Not only will you shed those unwanted pounds so your clothes fit better, your skin and hair will be more radiant and you will feel more confident, but you will have more energy, your brain function improves so that you can think more clearly and with greater concentration, and your food cravings will diminish.

  • 10 day supply of Elderflower formula capsules
  • 10 Day Detoxification Program - full instructions and easy to follow Diet Plan
  • 10 Day supply of High Strength, Non-Acidic Vitamin C capsules
  • 10 Day supply of Herbal tea bags
  • Vegi-Klenz fruit and vegetable detoxifier


  *average weight loss achieved when Diet Plan strictly adhered to.

**The Elderflower Formula Detoxification Program is not suitable during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding** 

I lost weight with Dos Adele’s Diet Plan when I had given up hope. Thank you Dos.'

'I’ve lost my weight and my cravings. An excellent product’

‘I feel better than I have for years. I would recommend the 10 day Plan to everyone.’

I’ve lost 7lbs in just 10 days and I feel wonderful’

‘Now I’ve a flat tummy in time for my holidays. Thanks Dos’

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