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Aromatheraphy mood styx

Aromatheraphy mood styx
Part number: K13x

Five different Mood Styx for five different moods.
All made from Pure Essential Oils blended in a fine base of Sweet Almond Oil supplied in an elegant green glass roll on bottle.    Apply to acupressure points on wrists, temples or neck to for instant effect.  These really are a must for everyone in today’s hectic lifestyle.  Choose from:
Energy  containing oil of peppermint  if you’re feeling tired or mentally fatigued.
Serenity containing oil of lavender if you’re feeling stressed or tense or under pressure.
Vitality containing oil of orange if you’re feeling lethargic and low
Sensuality containing ylang ylang oil if you’re in need of a boost to your self esteem
Spirituality containing frankincense oil if you’re feeling disconnected or lonely


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