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Travel Drops

Travel Drops
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Every year thousands of holiday makers have their vacation ruined by tummy upsets and bugs and viruses picked up when travelling.

Always carry Bio Active Travel Drops.  They come in a handy 15ml dropper which you can carry in your hand luggage.  So you can use it on the plane to avoid the bugs from coughs and sneezes of your fellow travellers. You can also use it whilst away to prevent sickness from food and drink.

Bio Active Travel contains herbal extracts known to boost the immune system to protect us from invading bugs and viruses.  Ideally it should be taken a few days before travelling and daily throughout your vacation.  Just three drops in a little water is all that is needed or one drop directly to the back of the tongue if water is not available and you feel you have been exposed.

There are lots of simple ways to protect yourself and make sure your holiday is not spoiled. Keep the following in mind when abroad:

Don't drink local tap water always use bottled.

Don't have ice in your drinks as this is usually local tap water.

Be wary of eating salads.  Again local tap water is generally used for washing salads and it may also have been left uncovered and at risk of contamination from insects.

Travel drops for all the family. Contains ginger, cloves, golden seal and other synergistic herbs  to help prevent the symptoms of sickness and infection.


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