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Travel Kit

Travel Kit
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A must for all travellers and holiday makers this summer.

Bios NatureCure Travel Kit:

  • Sonata Sun Oil with repellent
  • Bios Travel Drops
  • Sweet Lips Lip Balm

More Information:

For a golden tan without burning, we have Sonata Essential Sun Oil. Made from a special blend of essential and skin nourishing oils, Sonata contains no chemical sunblocks. Sonata also contains insect repellent citronella to keep away those annoying holiday pests.

Donít let bugs and tummy upsets ruin your precious holiday. Bios Travel Drops can protect the whole family from tummy upsets and airplane bugs. Just a few drops a day is all you need.

Airplane Lips? Dry and parched. Our Sweet Lips Lip Balm is perfect for combating dry lips and to protect them from sunburn is the Sweet Lips Lipbalm with allantoin and softening essential oil of Orange...delicious.





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