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Natural Food Detoxifier: Vegi-Klenz

Natural Food Detoxifier: Vegi-Klenz
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Part number: K104 100 mls

Simple to use!
VEGI-KLENZ is so simple to use.  Add one capful of VEGI-KLENZ to four pints of cold tap water in a lidded glass container.  After normal washing of fresh fruit or vegetables, immerse into the VEGI-KLENZ solution and leave for five minutes.  Remove and that’s it! Ready to eat and no rinsing necessary.

The solution can be reused for up to 48 hours or until it becomes cloudy.  The cloudiness is caused by a white precipitate – a visible sign of the chemicals and heavy metals drawn out of the food.

Does your plate contain an assortment of health giving fruit and vegetables or a cocktail of deadly chemicals?

For you to maintain a healthy diet that is free of toxins it is vital that the food you eat is as pure as possible. Fruit and vegetables are now mass-produced using powerful chemical agents to keep them free from pests and disease.  Even most organically grown fruit and vegetables are known contain certain chemical pesticides. with unwanted side effects.

Cancer and birth defects

The so called ‘ready to eat’ vegetables and salads so conveniently pre-packed that you buy from your supermarkets have now been revealed to contain chemical compounds that have been linked to miscarriages, birth defects and cancers.

Apart from modern farming methods relying heavily on the use of pesticides, the atmosphere is charged with pollutants that fall to the earth in rain and which are then taken up by the plants as they grow.

Healthier and better tasting

In order to improve the purity of fruit and vegetables BNC have formulated VEGI-KLENZ. 

The active ingredients in VEGI-KLENZ draw out toxins of heavy metals such as lead, mercury etc, from the fruit and vegetables leaving them purer and more as nature intended.

The result is that your fruit and vegetables are not only healthier but also taste better.

No soaps or detergents

VEGI-KLENZ doesn't contain artificial chemicals, soaps or detergents.  It contains naturally occurring organics - known to have beneficial effects on the whole body. It is safe and non-allergenic and leaves no after taste or residue. 

VEGI-KLENZ has been tested by independent laboratories and results show that it helps to remove these harmful toxins. Just one capful of VEGI-KLENZ will help to detoxify up to 10 kilos of fruit or vegetables. 

Used as a regular part of your food preparation, VEGI-KLENZ will help to cut down on the amount of chemical and heavy metal toxins you and your family are exposed to.

VEGI-KLENZ – a natural solution for healthier fruit and veg!

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