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Enema Kit

Enema Kit
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An enema is one the most supportive and effective ways to make a difference to how you feel emotionally and physically.

An Enema can help you to rid excess waste that builds up in the colon from eating refined and processed foods, or foods that are high in fat and sugar and low in fibre. These types of foods can cause peristalsis to become weak and ineffective producing symptoms such as constipation and IBS. With this, foods will get stuck along their journey, and become impacted against the wall of the colon. From there the stuck stuff begins to putrefy and ferment and your whole internal environment can become toxic.

When the colon is toxic or impacted with stuck faecal matter, the poisons are then distributed instead of eliminated and can cause symptoms such as lethargy, headaches, bloating, flatulence, skin problems, bad breath etc. The list is endless.
What's going on inside of you will show up on the outside of you. If aggravation and irritability are going on inside then I bet you will feel aggravated and irritated on the outside too! An Enema can help you to shift those feelings by making you feel cleaner, clearer, lighter and refreshed as toxins and old matter are safely removed. You will have more energy and clarity of thought.

The Enema Kit comprises of:

  • 1 litre capacity bucket with hole for hook mounting
  • gravity feed tubing
  • screw-on enema and douche nozzles
  • tap
  • flexible 14" rectal implant tube
  • Quality German design
  • Easily cleaned
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Any sediment (e.g. from herbs) stays in the bucket for easier cleaning

The 14 inch rectal implant tube is an important feature which enables the enema fluid to reach high up in to the colon. These are available to buy seperately if a replacement is required.


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