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Covid-19 - How to help yourself

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25th March 2020, 15:58

We are all facing our most challenging time but rest assured that here at Bios NatureCure we are doing all we can to keep going and offer whatever help we can to our patients and customers.

Covid-19 is a deep tissue respiratory disease.  It causes congestion deep within the lungs which can lead to acute shortness of breath and subsequent lack of oxygen leading to organ failure.

As you know there is no cure for Covid-19 virus so the most we can all do is to optimise our natural defences by boosting our immune system.

This requires attention on several fronts: Good healthy food, fresh air and exercise and sleep.  I appreciate at the moment there may be restrictions on all of these for various reasons but we can help by supplementing with vitamins and herbal remedies.

At Bios NatureCure we have been formulating immune boosting remedies since 1984 and many of you are regular users of our formulas: Breathe Easy drops contains herbal extracts known to help open airways, Echi-Mullein for coughs, colds and catarrh, clearing and opening the airways and Fluvirox to strengthen immunity.  To help even further we have now combined the two into Echi-Fluco and we also now have Carcilex Pulmo usually given to our patients for more chesty conditions.

Our current recommendation is to first and foremost FOLLOW THE GOVERNMENT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS by frequent and thorough hand washing, social distancing, stay in your own home, and self-isolate at the first signs of any symptoms.  In addition, and to keep immune system strong, use the Breathe Easy with Echi-Fluco or Carcilex-Pulmo together with high doses of vitamin C, preferably taken with hot lemon and honey.

This will not stop anyone from catching the virus.  There is nothing you can take that will protect you to that extent.  We are aiming to minimise the effect if you are unfortunate enough to become infected by boosting your immune system so that your body is better able to fight it and recover more quickly.

Breathe Easy, Echi-Fluco and Carcilex Pulmo along with buffered Vitamin C Crystals are available on our website whilst stocks last.  We have kept our prices at 2016 levels and demand is very high.

Remember that this situation, as scary and uncertain as it is, is temporary.  We all face difficult times in the coming weeks but there will be an end to it and life will return to our communities.  Please stay well, look after yourselves and your loved ones and know that we are here to help you do that.


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