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aqueous cream

19th October 2010, 12:40

A popular treatment for eczema has now been found to actually make the condition worse.

Aqueous cream has, for many years, been recommended by GPs for use as a moisturiser to soothe irritated skin in eczema sufferers.  A distressing condition in both children and adults, eczema causes the skin to be dry, sore and itchy and in severe cases can lead to cracking and bleeding.

Millions of sufferers have been prescribed aqueous cream but now scientists have carried out, for the first time, tests that show that one of the ingredients, a detergent known as sodium lauryl sulphate actually causes the skin to thin by more than 10 per cent in just four weeks.

The research carried out at Bath University has shown that the cream is likely to aggravate the dry itchy rashes by thinning the protective layer of lipids on the skin surface and making it more susceptible to irritation by chemicals.

Here at Bios NatureCure, we have long held this view and have always avoided any use of aqueous cream and sodium lauryl sulphate.  All our creams are made using only natural oils such as chickweed and comfrey known for their therapeutic and protective effects on dry irritated skin.  Click here for more information on our Very Dry Skin Cream


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