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COD LIVER OIL – Hailed as Today’s Natural ‘Super Drug’

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8th March 2004, 14:58

 From time immemorial, the cod liver oil has always remained the traditional oil for soothing joint pain and relieving arthritis.

Scientists, now realising this effectiveness of this old wives’ tale, hailed cod liver oil a natural ‘super drug’. 

In the first clinical study of its kind on humans, cod liver oil was found to be highly effective in slowing the destruction of joint cartilage – the cushion between bones, in patients with arthritis.

Specialists claimed that taking one capsule (1000mg) of cod liver oil could help delay arthritis from developing.  To protect your joints they recommended a daily dose - even to people as young as 20

The study of cod liver oil followed a raft of research proving the old wives tale is true.  It was led by Professor Bruce Caterson and Professor John Harwood of Cardiff University, and Professor Colin Dent, orthopaedic consultant at the University of Wales College of Medicine.  Their research showed that despite its foul taste and its unpleasant smell, cod liver oil is good for you.

Statistics show that it costs Britain £515 billion every year to deal with the effects of arthritis which lead to disability with the consequence of hip and knee replacements.

More than 2 million people visited their GP’s last year as a result of osteoarthritis – the painful and disabling condition.

Experts believe up to 4 million Britons, without realising it, are slowly developing osteoarthritis.

Heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease.

Fish oil cuts the risk of heart attacks and strokes by helping to thin the blood.

Fish oil contains essential fatty acids – omega - 3’s - that are crucial for maintaining brain power and may protect against Alzheimer’s.

Releasing the latest research on Friday 13th February 2004, Professor Caterson concluded that these research findings suggested that by taking the cod liver oil, you are more likely to delay the onset of osteoarthritis.  That you’re less likely to require, later in life, multiple joint replacements

In the study, the scientists recruited 31 patients on a health service waiting list who were due to have surgery to replace their knee joints.

Half were given two daily cod liver oil capsules (1000mg x 2) and the other half, placebo capsules for three months before their operations.

The results showed that 86 per cent of the arthritic patients, who took cod liver oil capsules, had reduced levels of enzymes that cause cartilage destruction.  They also had a marked reduction in enzymes that cause joint pain.

The enzyme levels reduction was 26 per cent of the group who did not take cod liver oil capsules.


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