Bios NatureCure Clinic

The Bios Naturecure Foundation and Holistic Research Centre

The BNC Foundation is a Holistic Research Centre with some specific projects on health management. The program includes:

1. Metabolism and inborn errors

2. Nutrition and the Incidence of Disease

3. Ageing Process, Rejeuvenation and effects of Particulate Food Factors.

4. Biofeedback Approach to Psychosomasis & Psychosomatic ills.

Nutrition and the Incidence of Disease

The BNC Foundation believes a link exists between diet and the onset of disease.  This concept was confirmed by the 1981 N.A.C.N.E. (National Advisory Committee on Nutrition Education) report.

But certain traditional medical models conceive a different view.  They maintain that causation of diseases is independent of nutrition.  Yet the ATLAS OF CANCER MORTALITY IN ENGLAND AND WALES, 1968 to 1978, by Garder et al, published in 1983, in its statistics, documented the contrary.

And Professor Smith of Christies (Cancer) Hospital, in his January 1984 Granada T.V. interview, expresses a grave concern when he declares that the North-West of Engleand had, and still has the highest rate of cancer mortality.

Referrring to the Cancer Atlas Professor Smith concurs that Nutrition is not only linked to constitutional diseases (cancer, heart, kidney, liver, mental etc.) but that Nutrition is a major causation in cancer epidemic.

The BNC already aware of this, has always made PRIMO CANCER SCREEN a priority in its procedural diagnosis while the 'Link-Diet-Disease' concept remains a major part of its Research Program.

One of BNC's Special Programmes is Physiology of Female Medicine


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