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No priority is greater than that which you give to your state of health...Everything else depends upon your continued good health.

Young..., Old... There is no age-immunity to disease.  Which is why the BNC Clinic recommends regular Health and Fitness check-ups to everybody.

The BNC Clinic is a HOLISTIC MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE equipped with sophisticated systems to investigate the condition, the activity, and the efficiency of your mind body interactions in the following systematic procedure.

  1. Subjectís personality Profile and case history data compiled from intensive interview and clinical observations.
  2. Primo Cancer Test.
  3. Blood and Urine collections for Analyses.
  4. Lung Physiology Investigations.
  5. Heart and Circulatory System Correlations.
  6. Arterial Blood Pressures Data Collection.
  7. Reflexes.
  8. Sense Organs (Eyes, Ears) conditions data collection.
  9. Height and Weight co-ordinates.
  10. Lifestyles & Dietetics Data collections.
  11. Mental/Emotional (in relation to stress) data.
  12. Mental Fitness Tests.
  13. Physical Fitness Tests.

The 5 hour procedure will help to build up a 3-dimensional picture of the subject.  In 10 days, the Report with recommendations will be dispatched to the subject's practitioner, the subject or the subject's sponsors.

So why not have a regular check-up.  It's sensible, it could be life-saving and at a cost quite negligible - compared to your good health.

Specific Programmes are available to industries; Compay Executives; Private Insurance Company clients; Private Clinics; Health Clubs; Sports and Athletic Clubs.

Act Now! don't wait until something goes wrong. The BNC believes it is better to PREVENT.  There may not be enough time to arrest...let alone cure!



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