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Physiology Approach to Differential Diagnosis


The PHYSIOLOGY LAB  - features in both diagnostic and therapeutic modalities - to provide further information about an individual's intact organs or organ system, as the subject reacts to changes in internal and external environments.

Thus, the Cardiovascular System i.e. the lungs, the heart, the blood vessels with the blood flowing through them, the blood pressures and the temperatures - all are mirrored to provide consolidating information to the clinical biochemistry results.

So far in our quest to combat disease, so far in our bid to arrest and to reverse the aging process, we have explored, in brief, both Biochemistry and Physiology techniques to mirror the biochemical and physiological state of the human entity. And in order to build up a three-dimensional piture of an individual, there ought to be a third technique with which to investigate the Nervous System, particularly that of the psychosomatic part that deals with the mental and emotional states of the human entity. Hence the BIOFEEDBACK SYSTEMS.


Brochure pic 3 bl pr

Electrocardiograph (ECG): Cardiovascular Functions. Investigations of electrical activity of the heart.

Brochure pic 5 ECG

Electronic Sphygmomanometry. The technician monitors the patients Blood Pressure.


Brochure pic 4 vitalograph

Vitalograph - Lung Physiology. The technician investigates the pulmonary ventilation.


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