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Relation of the several parts of the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland enabling hypothalamic control - effecting behavioural changes in the female.

 Changes in hormonal development are often accompanied by behavioural changes in the female. Interactions of thses changes with such factors as dietetics, the individual's lifestyles and the individual's own environment, often precipitate such psychosomatic ills only peculiar to the individual.

Thus, certain mult-symptom syndromes, abnormal menstrual disorders, chronic cystitis, hypothyroidity, hyperthyroidity, obesity, insomnia, migraines, depressions, digestive system disorders and candid albicans, the so-called 'hormone imbalance and the change of life', tumours, post surgical operation disorders, etc. may fail to fit into the conventional medical model diagnoses and as such fail to respond  to the usual treatments.

At the BNC Clinic, each female subject is studied as a unique individual. Each patient's conditions are investigated in accordance with BNC's 3-dimensional holistic procedures (i.e. physical, mental, spiritual states). And the result is a treatment program designed to bring about relief with an increase in the quality of life.


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