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Clinical Ecology Approach to Differential Diagnosis


Man's environment plays a vital role in his health management. As members of the universe, we experience various types of radiation. Extra-terrestrial forces affect us and our bodies respond to cosmic rays of various energies.

These cosmic energies effect awareness of the inter-dependant relationship between man, planets, animals, minerals and the environment that bonds us all into a gigantic ecosystem. Each component of the ecosystem reacts with one another and with each other in accordance with the natural laws and principles as they apply to the phenomena of health, disease, cure and death.

From this inter-dependant relationship, a new concept in differential diagnosis emerges. It is known as Clinical Ecology - a revolutionary concept in Allergy and Susceptibility reactions based on 'causality'. Causality - a cause and effect principle holds that 'nothing can exist or happen without a cause'.

Thus, Man's increasing pollution of the environment with chemicals has been a major source of chronic illnesses. Seemingly harmless chemicals in use in homes, offices, work places every day in non-toxic doses, have been proven to be responsible for a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical problems: from headache and depression to multiple muscle and joint aches and pains.

Common foods were found to be the most frequent precipitating factors in these illnesses, their effects were unmasked. Like the feeling of:

 - 'I feel lousy...'
 - that fatigue or restlessness;
 - those unexplainable rashes that keep recurring in spite of those heavy investments on creams and skin-cares;
 - the progressive bloating and those digestive disorders;
 - the asthmatic bronchitis
 - the swimming in the head, and head noises you can't shake off;
 - perhaps the so-called hormone disorders with insomnia that's making your life a hell...

All may have their root causes in what you eat, how often you eat it; the very way you live, the environment you surround yourself with and the pet you're fond of.

At the BNC, we unmask these 'nature's cover-ups'. We inform our patients on how to avoid these foodstuffs and the things that are responsibilities for the maladies. 

What's more, with clinical trials and body-mind re-education, we re-introduce some of the foods into the system in ways assimilable without the usual reaction. The result.....?  The patients are not deprived entirely.


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