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BNC Cardinal Approach to Differential Diagnosis

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You will see that in the strife to contain disease, and in the struggle to prevent illness, the BNC approaches each of its patients from these cardinal points:

  1. Analytical Biochemistry - mirrors the cellular and molecular events in the patient.  The conditions in the cells and molecules of which the body is made - all revealed in Blood, Urine, and other body discharges.
  2. Applied & Experimental Physiology - investigates the states and the activities in the tissues, organs, and organ-system: the Skin, the Gastrointestinal tract, the Kidneys, the Liver, the Lungs, the Heart and the Brain etc.
  3. Applied & Experimental Biofeedback - records data on the subject's nervous systems: tensions, responses in relation to internal and external stimuli.
  4. Applied & Experimental Clinical Ecology - 'cause and effect' principle, unmasks nature's 'medical cover-ups'.

From the over-all data, a 3-dimensional profile is constructed; this serves as a template on which a 'Blue Print' is assembled. The Blue Print provides the series of graded programmes specific to the subject's treatment.

These done: Then what?

Clinical Applications & Therapeutics


The choice and the preparation of medicaments are based on the concept of 'Uniqueness of Individualism'.

The BNC believes that each person is a unique individual who is different from any other person.  Two people may be closely related.  They may even show similar symptoms.  To the BNC investigators, they differ.  Even identical twins under coose examination, show remarkable differences.  And to treat them the same would be unethical.  Which is why the BNC prepares each program, each formula peculiar to each patient.

The principles and practice are entirely holistic with emphasis on Natural Medicines:

 Herbal Medicines  Vitamin/Mineral Therapy
 Homeopathic Medicines  Amino Acid Therapy
 Medicinal Food Therapy  Enzyme System Therapy

 You'll agree, we hope, that the journey from the containment of disease, or its prevention, to rejuvenation, is a long and arduous task;  nevertheless, its accomplishment makes it worthwhile.


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