Bios NatureCure Clinic

The Concept


Ever since Man drew breath on this planet, he has been preyed upon, principally, by one opposing force of Nature: Disease.  To the extent that the life span among individuals in all nations, is not evenly quantified.

Some enjoy good health and longevity; others, like the flowers in the desert, bloom but once and die.  And a great many, merely exist, impatiently, in their disease-riddled bodies.

But to enjoy good health with pursuit of happiness, is an attribute of Nature - a right of everyone.  And this attribute-right, is the sole concept of the Bios NatureCure Clinic (BNC).

The BNC Clinic - a revolutionary holistic modality, hinges on macrobiotic codes of practice as it labours relentlessly searching into Nature in its endeavour to liberate Man from the slough of anarchy into which disastrous diseases have put him. 

With Bios NatureCure accumulates, Man will be reborn. His ageing process reversed so that, at all times and in all seasons, Man shall enjoy  perpetual youth with a share in the exquisite beauty of nature.

How are these possible, you may wonder.  Well, it isn't easy.  But we accomplish these tasks through a system of graded programmes which form the focus in our holistic  doctrine. The cornerstone of this holisticism is NATUROPATHY.

An important aspect of the study of Naturopathy is the concept that the body system is self-regulatory, self regenerative, and with the ability to heal itself.

On this premise the BNC Clinic seeks to aid the body function by eliminating morbid matter, since many diseases tend to result from the accumulation of toxic materials - the legacies from inefficient functioning of excretory organs.

The BNC practice, while bringing about an optimum state by regulating diet, insists on the use of pure and natural foodstuffs that are free from additives.  Not just teaching correct breathing and proper excercises, the BNC also establishes the right mental and emotional attitude so as to generate a fine balance among the physical, the mental and the spiritual states, in relation to the individuals environments.

A healthy life is a composite of the physical, the mental and the spiritual states - a 'Trilogy' which when superimposed upon by the environment forms an ideal ecosystem.  These holistic phenomena are the bases of natural therapeutics that underly the natural laws and principles that apply to all processes that exist in health and disease states.  But that's not all.

For in a further attempt to maintain harmony in this steady state 'trilogy,' the BNC employs various clinical investigation techniques.


1. Biochemistry



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