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About five years before 1984, I had a serious accident which left me in a coma for six weeks.  It also resulted in the partial loss of sight in my right eye.  All this occurred just 4 months before my finals at London University where I was studying sciences.

In the event, with much determination, I managed to get my first B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry and Applied Physiology.

From being a child, at home in Africa, our family practiced using herbs and resins to treat all medical conditions that came along and with success. Studying for this degree opened my eyes to the stepping stone of marrying the two fields of biochemistry and botany together to harness the wonderful power of nature to heal and treat the sick.

So I had always wanted to study science in order to embark on a career in Alternative Medicine.  In further preparation for this, I enrolled with the College of Natural Therapy.

I trained in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine and also did further studies in anatomy and physiology.

I became a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA).

Then I began to investigate the Old Wives Tales and folklore medicines about herbs and their uses in treating illnesses and diseases. I ordered herbs from here and around the globe.

With my scientific knowledge, I set out to investigate three things:

  1. The structure of the plant i.e the flower, leaves, stem and root or tuber
  2. The uses and benefits
  3. Mechanism of action – meaning what is in this specimen that actually makes it work as a medicine.

From this I derived an Empirical formula against the background of old pharmaceutical codices which use herbs, plants, roots and stem for medical preparation. I then logged the Empirical formula of the specimens.  This gave me a reference guide – you could say I created my own Herbal Medicine recipe book.

I learnt another thing: many of the Old Wives Tales and the folklore medicine do work.

An important aspect of my success was Professor Eglan who was the Medical Herbalist in the Lancashire town of Blackburn from the early 1900’s.  When I moved north from London whilst carrying out research I met Professor Eglan’s daughter, Dorothy, who had taken over her fathers herbalist shop during his illness and then carried on the business after his death.  Dorothy used to order herbs for me during my research and I would interpret for her what vitamins were for.  This was the age before the internet and this information was not easily available.

It has always been a deep regret that I was never able to meet Professor Eglan because from the work notes and documents he left behind, he truly was a remarkable and intellectual man.

I had come north because of the high instances of cancer mortality in the region with other constitutional diseases so when Dorothy told me she was retiring and selling up it was a natural progression for me to buy the premises and set up my Bios NatureCure Clinic.  After all, the building had been steeped in all things herbal and traditional medicine for almost a century. It was like stepping back in time with all the old pharmacy equipment and I swear Professor Eglan’s spirit is still here.

So in 1984 the Bios NatureCure Clinic (BNC) and BNC Herbal & Homeopathic Dispensaries were launched.

The BNC Clinic takes the Holistic approach in all its practices.  Because we believe that each individual is made up of three parts: the Physical part, the Mental part and the Spiritual part in relation to the individuals environment.  There should be harmony among the three parts. This trilogy is the basis of Holisticism.  Hence we seek to find the root causes rather than symptoms.

With this concept, I am able to successfully treat many ailments and details of these are expanded in the BNC Concept. The success of the treatments we have developed and used over the past three decades has been spread by word of mouth and so we have patients who seek our help from all over the country and abroad.

As a member of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) I attended a symposium at Kibble College, Oxford University the aim of which was to put Alternative Medicine and practice on a fairly scientific level in an attempt to minimise the bias between the Conventional Medicine and the Alternative Medicine practice.  Consequently, I learned how to set up research protocols.

One of the advisors at the two-day symposium was David Canter, Ph.D., FPsS, FBIM, Professor of Applied Psychology; Head of Dept. of Psychology and Director of the Health Research Unit, University of Surrey involved in many research projects including questionnaire study research concerning Complementary Therapy and university training in research methods.  In all there were thirteen advisors from all major research universities.

Later on I was invited by Professor Canter to take in part in research at Surrey University.  The research was to quantify the efficacy of Alternative Medicine and Complementary Medicine and as a participant I regularly submitted data from case studies of patients treated at the Bios NatureCure Clinic.

I have attended numerous seminars and workshops arranged by the RCCM.  I receive a periodic magazine from the RCCM the purpose of this is to create awareness and to promote knowledge and its application.

From the RCCM I have been able to set up research projects and am able to prepare methodologies ever since. I am currently carrying out research into the validity of Ozone Therapy.

I use Biofeedback System in Clinical Practice as a technician and as a practitioner in Behavioural Medicine.

I have national qualifications in Life-coaching, Mentoring and NLP.

As a medical journalist I have had many articles published in various magazines and publish my own newsletter The Health Monitor. I make contributions to radio discussions and give interviews to both radio and newspapers on health issues and give public talks to health groups and workshops.

I have found great personal satisfaction in working in the field of Alternative Medicine and I believe that this is where the future lies.  I believe that it will be much more beneficial when the three can work together… that is the Conventional, the Alternative and the Complementary without prejudice and for the good of the health seeker.




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