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How many women suffer from Pre- Menstrual Syndrome in the U.K.? Would you believe over 10 million? Roughly one sixth of the entire population are afflicted by the condition with symptoms ranging from mood swings and sugar craving in mild cases to homicidal violence, food bingeing and shoplifting in the most extreme.

Everyday tasks such as childcare and employment become a nightmare for the sufferers and everyone around them.

There are many so-called remedies on the market and some do give a degree of relief, but how do you tackle the problem once and for all.

‘greater insight into the causes and treatments of illness.’

One man who has made it part of his life’s work to understand the nature of this debilitating condition and to seek out and perfect a method of overcoming and controlling it is Dos Adele of the Bios NatureCure Clinic. Mr Adele is a Biochemist, a graduate of London University, who took a side step from mainstream medicine to train as a Herbalist. He then completed further training in Homeopathy and Naturopathy. This training in the natural therapies combined with his scientific background and knowledge of biochemistry and physiology give him a greater insight into the causes and treatments of illness.

‘a place where women feel that someone is taking their problems seriously’

In his quest to make a better life for women through good health, he has set up The PMS & Menopause Advisory Clinic in association with The Women’s Nutritional Advisory Clinic.

Here women can come and be treated with sympathy and understanding. An individual program for each patient is set up which will include dietary advice, counselling and natural medications. The Clinic claims to treat the root causes and put the patient back in control of their lives in just three months.

“I have been treating the people of Lancashire and from all over the country for all illnesses and conditions imaginable for almost two decades”, says Dos “but the greatest numbers of enquiries come from women, desperate to get back in control of their bodies and their lives. This is the reason for setting up the PMS & Menopause Advisory Clinic. There is a real need for a place where women feel that someone is taking their problems seriously and will listen, understand their plight and then give something positive to put them back in control of their lives and restore their confidence in themselves as women.

‘we can get to the root causes of the problem’

“Because we approach all health conditions holistically and by that I mean that we look at the whole person and base treatment on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of that person, we can get to the root causes of the problem and treatment is given on all three levels.

‘every woman is different’

Conventional treatments tend to be symptom driven but do not give long term solutions. HRT has side effects, the full extent of which are still not known and because every woman is different, most are subjected to a great deal of trial and error with different pills and patches before they find something suitable. This can take a long time and puts the body through an enormous amount of stress but here at the PMS & Menopause Advisory Clinic because we are stimulating the body to balance its hormone levels naturally, any side-effects are avoided.

This is the same approach we use for treating the menopause so women no longer have to risk months or years of anguish as they swing from one drug to another, putting on weight and feeling out of touch and out of control.

‘We are here to help’

To any woman reading this who is suffering from the distressing symptoms of PMS or menopause, or if you are not happy with your conventional treatment I would say call us today. We are here to help you get your life back.”


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