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Detoxify your fruit and vegetables


During my many years of clinical practice here at the Bios NatureCure Clinic, a fundamental part of all treatments has been, still is, an initial detoxification.

Detoxification is important because, in order for the body to heal itself, we must give it the best possible environment within to do so. This means eliminating as many toxins as possible from the body prior to the administration of a treatment program.

Now, it makes sense that if you are trying to extricate toxins from the body, you do not want to replace them with eating contaminated food. So, I developed a solution to help purify the fruit and vegetables my patients were eating as part of their detox program.

At first, this was done with the cancer patients in mind. For they rely solely on the use of raw fruits and vegetables but it was quickly taken up by all patients.

I called it the Bios Vegi-Pure. The response was amazing. Patients could see the toxins building up in the water as they soaked their fruits and vegetables. They said they could taste the difference and asked to carry on detoxifying the fruits and vegetables as part of their normal food preparation.

Of course, it made perfect sense to do so. It also made sense to make it available to anyone else who wants to benefit from healthier food. The Bios Vegi-Pure has been tested and certified by an accredited independent Research Pharmaceutical Laboratory plc.

The Bios Vegi-Pure is a pure organic, intracellular homogenous solution, capable of reacting with pesticides of heavy metal base and carcenogenous compounds sprayed on to vegetables and fruits - forming a cloud of white precipitates - that leave the vegetables and fruits almost entirely free from these additives.

The fruit and vegetables resulting from the 4 minute soak in the Bios Vegi-Pure solution, unlike other vegetable washes on the market, requires no rinsing because the traces left on the fruits and vegetables actually aid the digestive system.

Purer, fresh produce means the body experiences less stress from toxins. For the food is better digested and the whole system is functioning better which, in turn, takes the pressure off your immune system.

The so called ‘organic’ vegetables and fruits treated with the Bios Vegi-Pure solution, will reveal, to some degree, the presence of pesticides.

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