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Thank you for taking the time to read my latest Newsletter.

If this is the first time you have read my Newsletter, I am sure you will find it informative and useful.

Our Priority Topic this issue is the imminent dangers facing all of us from the Bird Flu pandemic which is currently in the news.

You will find lots of advice to help safeguard yourself and your family. We also have news items, Letters, recipes , how to detoxify your fruit and veg. There is also a special item on why herbs are good for you.

As always, my aim is to inform and empower the readers to take charge of their own health.

Wishing you Good Health, Peace and Happiness.  

Dos Adele


Dos Adele's Health Monitor

Alert! Alert!! A Nationwide...A Worldwide Health Disaster Alert!!!

The Bird Flu Pandemic, On It’s Way, Is Gaining Pace


The RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Epidemic, Already Here and Rising—Reaching Its Peak This February.

According to the ‘Times’ Report:

Doomsday Plans Have Been Drawn Up By The Government To Cope With The Influenza Pandemic.

In Place are:

Quarantine Centre for Sufferers

A Makeshift Mortuary For Hundreds or More Dead

Evacuation of Communities, Town And Cities is Included in the Plan

Dear Friend,

This Bird Flu occurs in 30-year cycles. The last one was in 1918-19 – came through Bombay, India. It entered Britain through Glasgow. From Glasgow it spread to the rest of Britain killing 228,000 people. Worldwide the death toll was 20 millions. The next has gained root abroad. And, it’s on its way.

This is NATURE at work – working to maintain what’s known as ‘POPULATION DYNAMICS.’ Hence these catastrophes: the Storms, the Floods; Accidents on land, on sea, in the air; Forest fires, Earthquakes; Tsunamis; Pestilence – Diseases, Pandemics, Epidemics… are various ways by which NATURE redresses the balance of population.

But NATURE does not create evil: she gives Liberty. For NATURE gives ample warnings before any catastrophe takes place. She also gives Liberty – Liberty to act, to prepare for survival: Liberty to ignore and suffer the consequences.

Tsunami is a proof of this. Animals and birds sense the signs, heed them and move up to high land and survive.

To survive, you’ve got to be aware of an impending disaster from the information that reaches you. You’ve got to anticipate its reality. You’ve got to act quickly to prepare to survive by whatsoever means available to you.

These epidemics sometimes come under the guise of Winter Blues. And you think it’s just a cold and nothing more. By the time you realise it isn’t a common cold, it might be too late. They camouflage as Winter Blues sharing similar symptoms in an attempt to breakdown your immune system in preparation for the final or perhaps fatal onslaught.

Your line of action for your survival, therefore, is to reinforce yourself against these invaders… camouflaged as Winter Blues.

Though the Spring is around the corner, the chilling winds of winter—forming an undercurrent, are still blowing. Filtering through their veins are the rains, the floods, the snows—interspersed by alternate periods of fog and smog—all alerting us of the ranging colds and flu’s. Superimposed upon these, is FEAR. But it isn’t all that bad.

Winter Spring Is What You Make It.


For winter spring isn’t all gloom and doom. It’s a season.—a season in transition—the transition that helps shape our lives. The fear of winter season can be agonising. If only you knew you share certain characteristics with birds and mammals, you wouldn’t entertain fear of the changing weather conditions. This characteristic is your genetic attribute.

Birds, Mammals Including Humans, are Homoeothermic.


This means your skin possesses an adaptive characteristic of Temperature Regulation. As a result, your maintenance of a constant temperature allows your body to achieve balance and able to adjust to variations in weather condition, no matter what. This is your genetic attribute. Remember it. Preserve it.

For in summer seasons, when you’re hot, you peel off – to achieve temperature balance. In winter, to achieve temperature balance, you wrap up.

Now that you’re aware of this genetic fact, you can relax, you can make efforts to Preserve it.

Winter spring isn’t gloom and doom. And not everybody succumbs to Winter Blues.

Catching colds, flu’s, infections, even bugs, depends on the state of your immune system on the one hand; on the other hand, catching these maladies, depends on your susceptibility and stress.

To the unprepared, the winter season can mean coughing and sore throat, sneezing, wheezing; tightening of the chest… gasping for breath; stomach bugs and diarrhoea; stiffening, painful joints and muscle spasm.

To the susceptible – the vulnerable… like children, adults, Elderly and infirm with history of Asthma, Bronchitis, Bad circulation particularly Raynaud’s disease, Heart diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Arthritis – the winter blues can be traumatic.

Winter Spring Season Needn’t Be A Misery.


Everybody needs to Prepare to Prevent. The Vulnerable need Prepare to mitigate the effects of the winter blues.So Be Well Prepared!

Don’t Get Caught Out!!To help you keep well during the Winter season, it’s essential you follow these simple practical Guidelines.

Some Practical Winter Spring Warmth Guidelines1. KEEP WARM

a) Keep Warm. Keep your home warm and wrap up when you’re out in the elements.

b) Indoors: Put on layers of thin, woolly and cotton clothes. The layers trap your body heat and form an insulation that preserves your body temperature.

Outdoor: Wearing many thin layers of clothing under your coat, also helps you keep warm.

2. Follow a healthy lifestyle. What you eat, what you drink and your level of activities both indoor and outdoor, have an important bearing on how well you keep during the Winter Season.3. NUTRITION

Eat well to keep warm and healthy.

(i) Have Carbohydrates – warm Porridge Oats with Organic Soya Milk and honey for Breakfast.

(ii) Wholemeal bread, wholemeal soda bread, Pasta, Brown Rice, Potatoes.

Proteins. Like Fish, chicken, Soya meat, Eggs etc.

Fats. Vegetable oils, Virgin olive oil, olivio margarine, Nuts – Brazilian, Almonds, Pumpkin, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds.

Fruits & Vegetables – plenty of green, purple salads.

Home made vegetable soups containing fresh root vegetables, herbs and spices (see Recipe File page 4).

The soup should be fairly thick. This combination is loaded with vitamins and minerals to provide you with warmth and boosts your Immune System.

Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits are for all seasons. They contain vitamins, minerals, etc that not only boost your immune system, but they improve your digestive system.


Vegi Pure.Use the Vegi Pure to detoxify your fresh fruits and vegetables by removing pesticides etc. from your vegetables & fruits. (see page 5 for full details)


(i) In-door Activities

Don’t sit still for a long period at a time. Moving about, engaging in chores, improves your circulation and digestive system. Maintain good ventilation.

These in-door activities encourage suppleness of your joints and muscles.

(ii) Out-door Activities

Walking is one of the most simple and beneficial exercises for all year round. It improves overall circulation – keeping you warm. This simple exercise will increase your heart’s performance as you fill your lungs with air.


6. Vitamins / minerals Supplementation

Today, the poor soil, the farming methods and the intense processing of food, have been responsible for the poor vitamin/mineral content in today’s food chain.

Which is why it’s vital that you supplement your food selections with essential vitamins and minerals, if you’re to maintain a healthy living system with an optimum Immune System.Essential Vitamins/Minerals

Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin A



Vitamin E

Co Enzyme Q10

Vitamin B Complex


Worlds Historical Viral Epidemics

Your triumph over the Winter Blues ensures your survival and triumphs over these silent killers -

Aside from the winter season with its blues, there are other shortcomings that, sometimes, threaten our very existence. They occur on epidemic and perhaps on pandemic proportions. 1 Bird Flu Pandemic

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Epidemic


First, you need to know who your enemies are. It is a long haul. Because their invasion could last from several months to a year.

It’s going to be a struggle, a dramatic struggle—the survival of the fittest. As you have prepared adequately for the winter, your immune system is strong and alert and ready to take on these catastrophes.Bird Flu Pandemic

“Imminent Danger Of Flu Pandemic” – warns the World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Bird Flu Pandemic, in the worst case, could kill up to 100 millions of people worldwide.

Dr Shigeru Omi, World Health Organisation’s regional director: “A viral jump from fowl to human beings is thought to be imminent.”

Chinese are on high alert as experts predict bird flu disaster. The contingency is to minimise travel to prevent the virus being spread around the country.

Bird flu or Avian Influenza, is a highly contagious viral disease first identified over 100 years ago. It attacks turkeys, ducks, quails, chickens and other birds.

20 strains of bird flu are known. It is claimed that recent outbreaks in Asia have been caused, mainly by a highly contagious strain known as H5N1.

The three flu pandemics of the 20th Century –

The 1918 – 1919 Spanish flu

The 1957 – 1958 Asian flu

The 1968 – 1969 Hong Kong flu

All started when genetic material from bird flu passed into human flu—making a far more dangerous virus.

The more often that human beings come in to contact with infected poultry, the more likely it is that H5N1 will join human flu and mutate into a more virulent disease.

The World Health Organisation has revealed that Bird flu has killed 23 people this year. Eight cases were in Thailand, fifteen in Vietnam.

The Bird flu, like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is an acute respiratory disease, which appears simply, like a common cold virus. You can hardly suspect it’s serious.

But be warned. Be Prepared To Subdue – To Prevent


For the Bird Flu Pandemics (H5N1), historically occur every 20 to 30 years. The next is due – some would say it is overdue.RSV(Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Epidemic

RSV – the second epidemic invading the whole of England and Wales, was to reach its peak last month – February. And it’s not abating.



‘Hundreds of thousands of people will be struck by flu in the next few weeks.’ Warns the experts in their reports revealed January 12th 2005.

According to this report, the surge in illness before Xmas appears to have been due to the flu like RSV, which causes wheezing and coughing in adults and triggers bronchitis in babies and children. RSV is one of the most widespread winter virus infections. The outbreak spreads over England and Wales.

Hospitals are bracing themselves for a rise in admissions.

“we would expect admission rates to go up over the next few weeks,” claimed Dr Douglas Fleming, Director of the Royal College of GPs Birmingham Research Unit, who runs a national Flu Surveillance Scheme.

Dr Fleming said, also, that people recovering from an infection had low immunity … which meant they sometimes pick up a second illness.



The Bird Flu Pandemic (H5N1), historically, occurs every 20 to 30 years. This means there is a pandemic every 30 years. “The next is due … some would say it is overdue.”

In addition to this, is the RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) – one of the most widespread winter viral infections.

The Bird flu (H5N1) and the RSV, together precipitate a Double Whammy Effect.

A Health Protection Agency Report launched this January 12th, ‘A Winter’s Tale’ – said a vaccine against RSV could be ready within 5 years. But then, flu jabs don’t work. This means your health is in your hands.In these circumstances, you would need an effective alternative means possible

Now, DO NOT PANIC! Ok. And the big question you need to ask yourself is: What Do I Do Now?

Simple. All you do is follow, below, the Survival Guide to Viral Epidemics.

A Survival Guide to Viral Epidemics

Your First Line of Defence—ECHI-MULLEIN III FORMULA


In combination with other specific, synergistic herbs, Echinacea angustifolia and Mullein are the major constituents of Echi-Mullein III.

Echinacea angustifolia is unique. Don’t be confused by other varieties like Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea pallida. These are the varieties you find in health food shops, chemists, magazines and a host of herbal suppliers.

They’re of a very poor quality. Cheap. Infact, these Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea pallida varieties are almost worthless for medicinal purposes. They’re a great disappointment to those practitioners, physicians and members of the public who make use of these varieties.

One BBC TV news show claimed a research finding which claimed that Echinacea preparations are ineffective. Obviously these preparations referred to, are the inferior varieties.

In the same BBC TV news, a male member of the public interviewed, claimed that he found the Echinacea angustifolia variety, which he uses, to be very effective.

Echinacea angustifolia

The unique Echinacea angustifolia is really a twentieth century discovery amongst medical botanists, although it had been greatly valued for many years by the American Indians, especially in cases of snake-bites. This valuable plant is, unfortunately, much less abundant. It’s therefore rather expensive. It grows on the Western Prairies of West Ohio, United States.

Echinacea angustifolia – one of the main ingredients of Echi-Mullein Formula III is :


v A STIMULANT – which means it will boost your immune system many folds. Thereby increasing your resistance to colds and ‘flu viruses.


v DIPHORETIC – This means Echi-Mullein Formula III will increase your body heat – promote perspiration by dilating your blood vessels – making you energetic and preventing you from, or getting rid of, your coughs and colds.


v Diuretic – this stimulates elimination of water from your body by increasing your urine flow. This way, your body heat increases. Your running nose and your sneezing – all cease to be.


v CATHARIC – Echi-Mullein Formula III will eliminate from your bowels’ morbid accumulation of mucus and other cold and flu debris.


v ANTIPYRETIC – Anti-fever. Echi-Mullein Formula III will prevent, relieve fevers. Will increase your heart’s action, lower your pulse rate, contracts the large arteries and veins. This way, Echi-Mullein Formula III gets rid of your fever and prevents you and your family from getting fever. Echi-Mullein Formula III causes rapid re-oxygenation of your blood. Increases your white blood cells (leucocytes) and your red blood cells (red corpuscles), reinforcing your immune system. This way your immune system gets stronger and more oxygen in your system – more energy.


v ANTISEPTIC BACTERICIDE AND GERMICIDE. Its greatest value as a restorative agent is found in the degeneration of cell tissues from microbic invasion or from septic or other poisons, where the ptomaines and leuocomaines are present.

But that’s not all…


The MULLEIN part of Echi-Mullein Formula III makes its unique contributions to make Echi-Mullein Formula III what it is today.


Mullein – a remarkable herb, shares a lot of qualities with Echinacea angustifolia. In fact, they form a unique combination with unique synergistic effects.


v DEMULCENT – Like Echinacea angustifolia, Mullein soothes your alimentary canal. From your mouth to your back passage (anus), Mullein soothes irritation, soothes inflamed throat and chest.


v ASTRINGENT – Mullein is foremost in all airways. It causes contraction of tissue, restraining discharges. Your running nose and watering eyes are easily brought under control. The bleeding of the lungs and bowels are relieved and brought under control within minutes.


v EMOLLIENT – mullein softens, soothes and reduces inflammation and irritation. It forms a pleasant nutritious

remedy for allaying a cough, catarrh or cold in the head. It removes pain and irritation of haemorrhoids and hacking cough of consumption (lung tuberculosis).


v DIARRHOEA – Mullein is said to be much valued in treating diarrhoea, from its combination of demulcent with astringent properties. This combination strengthens your bowels at the same time relieves headaches.


Now you can see why the unique Echinacea angustifolia and Mullein, in combination with other related herbs, make Echi-Mullein Formula III an ideal synergistic preparation.






Echi-Mullein III Formula becomes much more potent when added to the BNC Hot lemon drink – see ‘Recipe File on Page 9. I prescribe Echi-Mullein Formula III to my patients: Adults, Children and Babies with tremendous results. I prescribe Echi-Mullein Formula III in addition to my other prescriptions for other needs.


Your Second Line of Defence


Your Immune System Degeneration and Vit C; Vit B Complex; Vit A; Mineral Zinc


The onslaught of the epidemic and the overdue 30-year-cyclic pandemic are bound to drive your immune system, literally, to beyond its lowest limit—leaving you virtually unprotected.

To survive, the above vitamins and minerals — the Immune System Boosters, would have to be brought into play synergistically with your other lines of defence as outlined in this Newsletter.


Vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid or calcium buffered)


Vitamin C boosts your Immune System and maintains your cellular integrity to fight against colds and infection. It carries oxygen to your system. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C. mops up the ‘free radicals’ formed as a result of cellular oxidation. I recommend a daily dose of one gram (1000mg). Being water soluble, vitamin C can not be stored in the human body. Sources are fruit and vegetables.

In view of the limited space, I’m not able to provide a comprehensive profile of this very important vitamin but we shall look at it in depth in a future issue of our Newsletter.


Vitamin B Complex


This is an energy complex—converting food to food energy. It is also required for the efficient functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

As a group, B complex also functions to promote the health of the skin, hair, eyes, mouth and the internal organs.

B complex also regulates the red blood cells (haemoglobin) as they carry oxygen to the organs, muscles and tissues. Generally, B complex is an immune system booster.


I regularly recommend the Quest mega B & C complex. This supplement, Mega B & C contains all the B vitamins plus 1 gram (1000mg) of vitamin C. I recommend this tablet as one to be taken after food daily.


Vitamin A - derived from Fish Oils. Vitamin A or Beta-Carotene—derived from vegetables.


This vitamin is important for night or dim light vision. Vitamin A derived from fish oil (halibut liver oil, cod liver oil, shark oil etc.,) and not synthesised, is more preferable to the synthetic variety.

For vegetarians and vegans, vitamin A extracted from carrots or other vegetables provides an adequate alternative.


Aside from vision, vitamin A improves dry skin, hair, mouth blisters, ulcers and angular stomatitis (cracks at the corners of the mouth).

Vitamin A—an Immune System Booster—fights colds and flu’s.

The units of vitamin A are in mcg, µg (microgram). I recommend a daily dose of 400 mcg. The brands I recommend are FSC, Quest and Ultimate Nutrition.




For the purpose of this Newsletter, I shall outline briefly Zinc’s contribution to the immune system. Some of the characteristics of Zinc are:

Releasing the live store of vitamin A from the liver into the system.

Zinc as in co-enzymes takes part in the synthesis and functioning of DNA and RNA.

In insulin activity, Zinc is required for the release of insulin by the βeta cells of the pancreas into the blood stream.

Zinc is involved in the metabolism of the pituitary and adrenal glands.

Zinc is a co-factor—involved in a host of metabolic part-ways.

For skin problems, and for vast metabolic processes, I recommend a daily dose of 15mg of elemental zinc. The brands I use are Quest, Ultimate Nutrition and FSC.


Your Third Line of Defence—NVS Himalayan Green Tea


This is not simply any green tea. It’s that different. That Potent. That Revolutionary.

You see, the Himalayan Green Tea is unlike any other green teas. It is different by virtue of its secluded, unpolluted natural ecological location.

The Himalayan Green Tea is unique for its spirituality – the Temple in the heart of this Tea Plantation is the centrepiece that unites the body, the spirit and the soul of all that inhabit the solemn region of Himalayas.


IT’S OFFICIAL! About September 3rd, 2003, doctors in the United States of America announced they’ve developed a cream to ward off skin cancer.

And guess what? The magic ingredient of this cream is green tea. Green Tea – is well known for its cancer fighting properties.

Check it out for yourself and you’d find that the Natural Antioxidants called POLYPHENOLS in green tea help to BLOCK the GROWTH of SKIN CANCER CELLS.


But that’s not all …


Immune System. Bacteria & Viruses.




According to a study in Japan, gargling with green tea boosts your Immunity to FLU.

Harvard University Research also showed that the green tea chemicals stimulated gamma-delta T-cells, which markedly increase immunity against bacteria and viruses.



Green Tea is Anti-Allergic.


Researchers in Japan have identified a compound in green tea that, in laboratory rat tests, blocks a key cell receptor involved in producing an allergic response.


The compound identified is EPIGALLCATECHIN GALLATE. And it works by blocking the production of HISTAMINE and IMMUNOGLOBIN E – two compounds in the body that are chiefly involved in triggering and sustaining allergic reactions.


Although similar compounds in green tea have previously been shown to be anti-allergic, this particular compound, appears to be the most potent.


There are many more benefits of Green Tea. For brevity, I have outlined only the above. And here are the whole range of benefits of GREEN TEA.


1. Green Tea Helps You Burn Fat – controls your weight

2. Protects Against Heart Diseases – living your life to the full

3. High Blood Pressure lowered

4. Protects against Diabetes mellitus

5. Prevents Food Poison

6. Prevents Bad Breath

7. Guards Against Hepatitis

8. Prevents Arthritis in general

9. Boosts your Immune Systems

10. Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease

11. Helps Fight Allergies

12. Can help protect against Cancers





Digestive problems, colds and headaches


Anti-depressant, relaxant, relieves tension


Colds and ‘flu, circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis


Indigestion, dyspepsia, gastralgia, colon spasm, flatulence


Colds and ‘flu, indigestion, energy, anti-nausea


Relieves stress and mental fatigue, refreshing and invigorating


Analgesic for sprains, bruises, toothache, indigestion – a perfect after dinner drink


A blend of all of the benefits of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and clove. Also an ideal drink during those cold winter months


The NVS Himalayan Green Tea provides all the above benefits plus specific benefits for special ailments.


These varieties of NVS Himalayan Green Teas offer you the choices both of pleasure and of your medical requirements.

My patients drink these teas, my friends enjoy them and my family and I drink these teas as part of our physical, mental and spiritual needs.


One very important aspect of the NVS Himalayan Green Teas is the instant orientation of your inner self. I’ve no doubt you’d feel the effect. When you drink water, warm or cold, it takes four and a half minutes to get into your blood stream.


Green Tea infusion is a thin, clear, homogenous solution which would enter your blood stream in about the same time as ordinary pure water. Hence its spontaneous benefit.


But Why Is NVS Himalayan Green Tea Unique?


The Sannyasithan Tea Estate is immersed in a serene ecological enclave set high in the clean, unpolluted air of the fertile Terai of the Himalayan foothills.


To the north is the lush green Dalkajhar Forest.

To the west is the ever-flowing Typoo River.

To the south is the Basti Land.


These lateral geographical boundaries isolate the Sannyasithan Tea Estate as a nature-recluse, protected against drought.


Superimposed upon this basic functional unit of nature, is the Temple of Lord Shiva – enunciating Spirituality… radiating tranquillity. In its aura, the Body, the Spirit, the Soul, interact.

This estate – this Sunnyasithan Estate – has remained in the same family for over 125 years. And the first green tea plants, planted at that time, are still the roots that nature has nurtured to continue to produce the finest quality tea of today.


Your Fourth Line of Defence—The Bio-Active Life

(for general circulation)


Maintaining a good circulatory system is paramount to your survival in both your metabolism and in all viral attacks.

A low body temperature is an easy target for viral infections. the Bio-Active Life maintains your optimum circulation matter what.

This is achieved by its unique combination of ingredients—a combination of organic natural herb tinctures to promote your overall well-being and boost your immune system.

This unique formula includes Echinacea angustifolia which has been proved to relieve & improve the symptoms of catarrh, colds and flu’s as previously stated. Elderflower is known to have an overall beneficial effect on general well-being. The Bio-Active Life formula also includes Peppermint and capsicum which help improve circulation, digestion and breathing.


Your Fifth Line of Defence—The Bios Vegi-Pure


During my many years of clinical practice carried out here at the Bios NatureCure Clinic, a fundamental part of those treatments has been an initial detoxification.

Detoxification is important because, in order for the body to heal itself, we must give it the best possible environment within to do so. This means eliminating as many toxins from the body as possible prior to the administration of a treatment program.

Now, it makes sense that if you are trying to extricate toxins from the body, you do not want to replace them with eating contaminated food. So, I developed a solution to help purify the fruit and vegetables my patients were eating as part of their detox program.

At first, this was done with the cancer patients in mind. For they rely solely on the use of raw fruits and vegetables but it was quickly taken up by all patients.

I called it the Bios Vegi-Pure. The response was amazing. Patients could see the toxins building up in the water as they soaked their fruits and vegetables. They said they could taste the difference and asked to carry on detoxifying the fruits and vegetables as part of their normal food preparation.

Of course, it made perfect sense to do so. It also made sense to make it available to anyone else who wants to benefit from healthier food. The Bios Vegi-Pure has now been tested and certified by an accredited independent Research Pharmaceutical Laboratory plc.

The Bios Vegi-Pure is a pure organic, intracellular homogenous solution, capable of reacting with pesticides of heavy metal base and carcenogenous compounds sprayed on to vegetables and fruits - forming a cloud of white precipitates - that leaves the vegetables and fruits almost entirely free from these additives.


The fruit and vegetables resulting from the 4 minute soak in the Bios Vegi-Pure solution, unlike other vegetable washes on the market, requires no rinsing because the traces left on the fruits and vegetables actually aid the digestive system.

Purer, fresh produce means the body experiences less stress from toxins. For the food is better digested and the whole system functions that bit better which in turn takes the load off your immune system.


The so called ‘organic’ vegetables and fruits treated with the Bios Vegi-Pure solution, will reveal, to some degree, the presence of pesticides.




The Vulnerables—


These are individuals with specific health problems. These individuals tend to have a degenerating immune system. Consequentially, they sometimes succumb to extremes of adverse conditions—colds, flu’s, viral infections and epidemics. Which is why additional protections would be needed if they are to survive these invading pandemics.


Arthritis—Osteo, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

a) The BNC Dragon Balm

The BNC Dragon Balm further—reinforces the general circulation—which is crucial to survival. Abnormal heat, swelling, muscular pains, painful and stiff joints—all can be relieved instantly by gentle rubs—applying the BNC Dragon Balm.

The BNC Dragon Balm, when applied, will not mark your clothes or burn the skin. Rather, it penetrates deep into the affected parts—creating a soothing effect in the aching muscles and joints.


b) Glucosamine/Chondroitin/Vitamin C

In all forms of arthritis, glucosamine sulphate combined with chondroitin and Vitamin C, brings a profound relief and with long term use, the effect is staggering.

Muscle pains, stiffness and joint pains are quickly brought under control. My preferred brands are Ultimate Nutrition, and the BNC brand. More about arthritis and treatment in my future Newsletter.


c) Cod Liver Oil

A very rich source of vitamins A and D essential for the maintenance of the immune system—providing a strong resistance against infection. Healthy skin, hair and nails, strong bones, teeth and gums. Good vision.

Cod liver oil—a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid). Both these fatty acids function in many metabolic pathways. I prescribe cod liver oil regularly in my practice.


2. Chronic Respiratory Problems

(chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, hayfever etc.)

In addition to Echi-Mullein III formula and others stated earlier on in this Newsletter, is the Bios Breathe Easy (Asmas) Tincture.


Bios Breathe Easy (A.S.M.A.S)


This is a highly potent herbal formula tincture— formulated exclusively for chronic sufferers, who find breathing extremely difficult, even when not exercising and basically sitting around.

Bios Breathe Easy opens the airways, combats congestion from infections, increases lung capillary circulation and relaxes the intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs).

In addition to the specific synergistic herbs are organic Golden seal and Lobelia. Used daily , a few drops at a time, Bios Breathe Easy’s effect is instantaneous.


To Summarise


‘VACCINE stock piles are needed as risk of global outbreak rises’


‘AMERICANS, Italians and French have all responded to the call from World Health Organisation but the British have not’


BRITAIN’S leading flu expert, Professor John Oxford, accused the government of lack of urgency in preparing for a potential pandemic that cold kill millions.


Now, you could be left on your own.




Your health, the health of your family is in your hands.


Act now and respond to my recommendations in this Newsletter….Delay can be dangerous!


Your Health Monitor



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