Bios NatureCure Clinic

Mail Order Services

For those of you who are not within travelling distance of the clinic, we can offer most of our services by mail order* including diagnosis, consultation, life coaching and medication where required. Consultation and life coaching can be carried out by  telephone and medication is sent by mail. 

Telephone consultations are treated exactly the same as consultations in person i.e. they are booked in for specific times and at that time the Doctor will be awaiting your call instead of your visit.  Payment for consultation is taken by credit or debit card prior to speaking to the Doctor.  Please phone or email for any further information on any of the above.

Don't suffer in isolation and despair.
Don't feel that there is no one who can help you.
There is.  We are here.  Contact us now  and take the first step to regaining your optimum health - naturally.


* Some conditions cannot be treated solely by mail order. Full details can be obtained from our friendly staff.  Please call 01254 676071 for further advice.


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